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Want 1:1 Support for your story?

Do you want to experience freedom from your past and agency in your present?

Do you ever think…

  • I need help understanding my past and how it has impacted me

  • I could never share this.
  • I feel confused about why I react the way I do in certain circumstances

  • I feel stuck, like I can't make progress in life

  • I feel shame and confusion about what happened to me

  • I’m tired of being reactive with my kids, spouse, friends or parents

  • I want to learn how to feel calm

  • I want to break unhelpful patterns and habits

  • I want help learning how to write, engage and understand my past story

  • I want to feel better and learn how to enjoy my life

Getting Started

If the answer is yes, there is support, care and help for you.

Individual work begins with a 60 minute consult & discovery call.

You'll tell me about your story. I’ll go over my unique story engagement process, and together we’ll explore your specific needs and desires to determine how to get you to the place you want to be.

Time to get unstuck and start living.

No more wasted time on the past. Or letting your past run away with your future.

You're worthy.

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This resource includes two free videos and two free worksheets to help you jump-start your work.

"How to Create a Story Catalog" and "How to Write Your Story."

Your story is worthy of living.

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I'm Lora Kelley.

I'm an Allender Center Certified Story Work Coach, a Master Certified Life Coach, and a somatic body support practitioner.

I help people understand their stories, and I help people feel better.

I started where you are... 
Looking for help.

After almost a decade of work, I created a 'non- linear' process, utilizing all that I have learned, to help people recover from the impact of trauma while supporting their present lives.

I believe in the power of beautiful and enduring repair.

I’m also singer & songwriter, poet, a wife of 14 years, and a mother of three young children (3, 10 & 13).

We live in the blue ridge mountains.

You were meant for beautiful things.

Deep transformation awaits you.

Are you ready?

Come join me.



Work with me

Client Testimonials

"Thank you for all of the guidance care and wisdom over the last year. I am so incredibly grateful that my story has an important chapter titled, “My times with Lora.”"

- Individual Story Work Client

"Sign me up for the whole year. This is the best investment I've ever made. My relationships. My job. My body. amazing."

- Individual Story Work Client

"Everyone has noticed a difference. Things I couldn’t do, I can do now."

- Individual Story Work Client


“Storied Living is more than just a business; it provides hope for survivors. Kelley’s innovative approach intertwines trauma-informed care with story work, providing survivors the space to construct, engage with, and take ownership of their narratives. The process is cathartic and empowering, allowing those who’ve experienced varying forms of trauma to transform their pain into power.” - Medium Magazine

”At Storied Living, Kelley works closely with trauma survivors, guiding them through the process of writing and engaging with their stories. By helping individuals shape their narratives, she enables them to heal and find strength in their experiences. Kelley’s unique approach incorporates trauma-informed practices, recognizing the impact of past events on present-day struggles. Through her life coaching and executive function skills, she empowers survivors to not only overcome their traumas but to thrive in their lives.” - Bust Magazine

”With her innate ability to connect with others and her unshakable belief in the transformative power of storytelling, Kelley has forged a distinctive path for trauma survivors to heal, grow, and ultimately thrive. Storied Living doesn’t simply offer a fleeting glimpse of hope—it paves the way for lasting change.” - The Daily Scanner

The Storied Living Podcast

The Storied Living Podcast is a go-to resource dedicated to understanding and engaging with story work, trauma and healing. Hosted by Lora Kelley a certified story work coach through the Allender Center, and a Master Certified Life  Coach with The Life Coach School as well a somatic body support practitioner. 

Tune-in for applicable practices to help you move from an old story to creating a new story.

Listen Here

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