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Client Testimonials


"I couldn't believe how much better I started to feel after just a few sessions." - Story Work Client

“I’ve spent so much money trying to make myself well, and this is the first time I actually feel like I’m healing.”
-Story Work Client

“I was not in a good place coming into this.. Not good at all. You helped immensely. Several steps and words that we went through have been very helpful. Resiliency!” - Story Work Client

“Thank you for all of the guidance, care and wisdom over the last year. I am so incredibly grateful that my story has an important chapter titled, “My times with Lora.” 
-Story Work Client

“It’s amazing, a year ago I was so scared to meet with you. I was terrified to commit. And now you’ve become such an advocate for me and a delight to me.

Thank you for your presence, your grace and your love towards me. Thank you for truly caring for me. I know you are an integral reason I am where I am now, still standing and growing…” 
- Story Work Client

“I know I've said it before but I truly need you to know how impactful you are in my life, each day. I hear you in my head, encouraging me and nudging me toward wholeness and my thoughts and checking in with my body with honesty and kindness.” 
- Story Work Client

I want to thank you for being my prophet, priest and queen through this journey. It's painful. You are gentle.” 
- Story Work Participant 

Greatly appreciate you. It’s amazing how He speaks thru you the exact words that are needed at that moment.”
- Story Work Participant

“I never thought I wouldn’t feel bad, or that I’d be able to be present with my kids and wife. I never thought I’d feel rest, or safety or play. Thank you so much for helping me get there.” 
- Story Work Participant 

“I’ve been doing story work for a long time, but this time with you has given me back my body and my emotions and helped me heal.” 
- Story Work Participant 

“getting out of the relationship dynamic with my parents was so hard. your kindness and coaching is what helped me set loving boundaries and find myself again.” 
- Story Work Participant

"this work with you saved my life."
-Story Work Participant



“Storied Living is more than just a business; it provides hope for survivors. Kelley’s innovative approach intertwines trauma-informed care with story work, providing survivors the space to construct, engage with, and take ownership of their narratives. The process is cathartic and empowering, allowing those who’ve experienced varying forms of trauma to transform their pain into power.” - Medium Magazine

”At Storied Living, Kelley works closely with trauma survivors, guiding them through the process of writing and engaging with their stories. By helping individuals shape their narratives, she enables them to heal and find strength in their experiences. Kelley’s unique approach incorporates trauma-informed practices, recognizing the impact of past events on present-day struggles. Through her life coaching and executive function skills, she empowers survivors to not only overcome their traumas but to thrive in their lives.” -Bust Magazine

”With her innate ability to connect with others and her unshakable belief in the transformative power of storytelling, Kelley has forged a distinctive path for trauma survivors to heal, grow, and ultimately thrive. Storied Living doesn’t simply offer a fleeting glimpse of hope—it paves the way for lasting change.” - The Daily Scanner

Hosted by Lora Kelley

The Storied Living Podcast

The Storied Living Podcast is a go-to resource dedicated to understanding and engaging with story work, trauma and healing. Through this podcast you’ll hear from trauma-informed Story Work and Life Coach Lora Kelley and guests. Tune-in for applicable practices to help you move from an old story to creating a new story. 

#1 "Letting the Agony Invite You to 'Ask, Seek and Knock."
With Adam Young

In this episode, we'll talk about the following:

  • How Adam started story work

  • The importance of making sense of your story

  • Letting your understanding unfold over time

  • What to do with the agony you feel

  • Adam leaves you with a question to prompt your story work

Listen Here

#2 Listeners' Questions | Engaging Individual and Collective Healing

This episode answers two 'Listen's Question' questions:

  1. What do I do if I have chronic trauma over a life time and feel overwhelmed and lost when I begin to think about moving into my story?

  2. I've done my own healing, how do I begin to engage my family of origin and inviting them to healing

Listen Here

#3 The Holding of Self and Others
With Matthias Roberts

In this episode we talk about:

  • what it means to be read well,

  • to notice lack of safety and to practice coming into more safety.

  • growing in the capacity to hold and be held well in your story.

  • Shifting from should to curiosity.

  • And Matthais' new book "Holy Runaways".
Listen Here